Big Anticipated Movie Releases for 2021

This next year is set to be a big one for the box office as although there is uncertainty for the brick-and-mortar cinema, a major shift to online streaming is underway as Hollywood giant Warner Bros announced that its full roster of 2021 releases would see a digital release too. But what are some of the most anticipated releases to come for the year? With so many big releases to come, it is certainly in the eye of the beholder,  but there are plenty of great options coming throughout the year. we are introduced in this article Big Anticipated Movie.

Free Guy – Movies that fall under the video game genre have been extremely successful lately, particularly as gaming as a whole is quickly becoming a much bigger interest for many – Free Guy is a Big Anticipated Movie that focuses on Guy, a non-descript non-player character (NPC) in an open-world video game who decides to take his destiny into his own hands after becoming self-aware – with Ryan Reynolds in the leading role, you can expect a lot of humor and sarcasm for what has become a trademark of his and a genre of its own, whilst also starring Taika Waititi who has most recently been widely known for bringing comedy to the MCU in Thor: Ragnarok with witty writing and his own character, Korg, who quickly became a fan favorite.

Big Anticipated Movie

The Card Counter – Whilst still on the thoughts of gaming, another favorite has been within casino and gambling movies too. Whether from Scorsese classics like the casino or the fun field heist movies like the Oceans series, they’ve always been captivating – and with big names like Oscar Isaac and Willem Dafoe, this movie focuses on a gambler looking to reform a young man seeking revenge. This will certainly see a benefit given the rise of popularity in online casinos like those at over the past year and will certainly help bring in viewers as popularity grows.

Dune – It’s not only video games that have been making great movies too, as books have always provided a good subject matter in movies – Dune isn’t a new name in movie as it has undergone a few iterations, but the latest option coming later in the year has a huge star-studded roster and is looking to be the biggest release of the year. With Denis Villeneuve putting his own suspenseful spin on it too, many expect it to be one of the biggest movie releases of the past decade too.

With so many movies set to release this year, with big names spanning hundreds of titles, there’s plenty more that could fit on this list too depending on your taste – there’s certainly plenty to keep your eye out for, and plenty of entertainment to round out the year!


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