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Kannada news and updates

The Kannada film industry is also known as Sandalwood. Karnataka is the state where the Kannada language is spoken mostly, there are many films which are being released in Kannada or other Industry films which are being dubbed and released in this industry. Below in this article, you will see Kannada Movies news and updates which is the latest.

Kannada Movies News And Updates


16th August 2019


Kurukshetra is a mythological film based on Mahabharata. The film released in 400 theatres in the state. According to the sources, film has earned around Rs 50 crore worldwide so far. In addition, there are plans to release Kurukshetra Movie on 2nd week of September in over 3,000 theaters from all the versions.


25th July 2019


Pailwaan is the upcoming multi-language movie releasing in Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam languages.‘Pailwaan’ is a story of a wrestler who fights for pride and love for the sport. The film is set for its release on September 12 across 2500 screens in India.

2nd July 2019


Butterfly is a Kannada movie, the official remake of Bollywood movie ‘Queen’. Queen is remade in many other languages like “Paris Paris” in the Tamil language, “That is Mahalakshmi” in Telugu and “Zam Zam” in Malayalam. Now Butterfly movie is all set to release on December 2019 but the date is yet to be confirmed. Stay with us for the latest updates on Butterfly Movie.


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