Memu – Telugu Web Series: When Adventure Meets Comedy

Memu Telugu Web Series When Adventure Meets Comedy
Memu Telugu Web Series When Adventure Meets Comedy

The 2019 Asia OTT Research Report by way of Brightcove reveals that 25% of Indians are ready to watch advertisements in return without cost online content, says an editorial on The Economic Times. After TRAI came out with its tariff plans, TV subscription fees have risen, that is why people are getting greater inclined towards online content material, as opposed to the traditional cable TV channels. In addition, internet collection offers diverse and clean content material, very exclusive from the usual saas-bahu histrionics. Moving beyond English, Telegu web collection is establishing an awesome call for themselves within the online world. One such series is Memu, which you could watch online totally free.


Funny suspense drama, Memu, is a Telegu comedy web series about 4 pals who decide to move on a trip to Goa since one of them is ready to get hitched. This journey enormously turns out to be very extraordinary from what they expected and turns into a terrific truth test for all of them.


The story begins with a set of close college friends, who’re caught up in their each day lives and haven’t any time to plot a meet. However, they hold in touch through sharing their everyday routine with every other over calls. One of the buddies, Pruthvi, visits India some days earlier than his wedding and finds out that his buddies have planned a marvel for him.

The viewers find Pruthvi in a dilemma – whether to go with his buddies’ plan or persist with the date of the wedding. Ultimately, he’s making a decision however will it make things better? Later, in Episode 4, Jahnavi arrives unexpectedly, which upsets Pruthvi. However, she turns out to be a friendly girl and gels well with the organization in no time.

Now, as they cross on the trip, the 4 youngsters decide to take up a dare to make the experience thrilling and adventurous, best to get stuck. In the meantime, Pruthvi comes to a decision to percentage his story with them but gets mocked via his personal buddies. However, it changed into an appropriate spirit and Pruthvi realizes that he isn’t always alone and that his pals relate to his distress.

The tale keeps as the friends have an exceptional time at Goa. In between all the amusing and frolic, Jahnavi excuses herself and leaves the place. Later, the pals find out that she is missing for a while. There is a wave of tension amongst all of them, and Manoj and Pruthvi determine to go on a search task to find out wherein Jahnavi disappeared. Pruthvi is indignant to the core and blames Manoj for planning the journey.

The viewers have to watch the collection to discover what occurs next. Will they ultimately parent out where Jahnavi is? What will occur to Pruthvi’s marriage? All the questions might be answered by the giving up of the collection.

About the Series

Directed by Karthik Sabareesh, Memu is a Telegu adventure drama web series that is entertaining yet relatable. It beautifully portrays the depth of the character we all develop as we grow up and move into adulthood. The trip becomes an eye-opener for the group. Throughout the series, each one discovers little things about their own selves and their friends, and along their journey, the audience gets to enjoy some really funny friendship moments.

According to viewer reviews, there are many magical moments that will undoubtedly make you binge-watch the entire series. Given the kind of cheerful friendship shown, no one would ever want to miss a Goa trip that is crazy, dramatic, and yet fun-filled! The series also goes on to highlight the importance of good friends in one’s life.

Memu Cast: Jahnavi Dasetty, Jdv Prasad, Pruthvi Raj Samara, Manoj Krishna Tanner
Duration of the Episodes: 11-15 minutes each

You can watch Memu online on Android mobile apps at no cost on Viu India, one of the top-class streaming platforms inside the country. The most unique component of Viu is that it produces colorful and rich wealthy authentic content like Memu, which catches the eye of millennials and has already set high benchmarks in terms of internet collection brilliance.

There have been almost 1,000,000 downloads of the Viu app, where the content material has focused on entertainers, in particular for Gen Z. Viu is already competing with Netflix and Amazon Prime and is no less in offering splendid content material in almost all regional languages. So, if you need to look at an authentic collection, take a look at those produced by means of Viu India.

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