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Mili Movie Download

Mili is a 2022 Indian thriller film, directed by Mathukutty Xavier. This movie is a reimagination of Xavier’s movie, Helen which was a popular 2019 Malayalam release. 

This film is produced by renowned film producer Boney Kapoor under the umbrella of Zee Studios, and his daughter Jhanvi Kapoor is the main protagonist of this movie. Other stars in the cast include ‘Bhangra Paa Le’s’ Sunny Kaushal and known comedy actor Manoj Pahwa. Mili was released in theaters on the 4th of November this year. 


The trailer follows Mili (Jhanvi Kapoor), a bubbly charming girl-next-door, who is being raised by a single, loving father played by Manoj Pahwa. 

The tone of the trailer changes completely when Mili gets stuck inside a freezer at the restaurant where she works. Nobody can hear her as she screams for help. The goosebumps are personified further as you can see how the temperatures are starting to affect her, frost builds up at her face and she’s slowly losing consciousness. 

When Mili’s father contacts the police for them to find his beloved missing daughter, they go after her boyfriend, played by Sunny Kaushal, as their main suspect. The trailer ends superbly with suspense, not giving up too much of the storyline but also reeling in the audience’s interest. 

The trailer confirms that this movie has been based on true events, and that adds to the mystery and suspense of this survival thriller. 


‘Mili’ follows the life of Mili Naudyal, a Dehradun resident and an ambitious nursing graduate. She’s the only daughter of her single father and is in the midst of preparing to go to Canada. Preparing for IELTS and working side by side at a food outlet at her local mall, Mili has her future figured out. With a supportive boyfriend who encourages her to dream big, her life looks picture-perfect. 

Her life takes a drastic turn when she gets stuck inside a freezer with no one knowing her whereabouts. Police open up a missing person’s investigation but no one thinks of her dying of cold temperatures. 

Things become more interesting when the police make her boyfriend the sole focus of their investigation, expecting foul play instead of such an accident. You’ll have to see the movie to know the rest of the story, as it makes you hold your breath in anticipation of what’s next. 


The film should be watched in theaters to fully experience its magnificence. Watching it there will let you soak in Mili’s fear through the screen and make it an unforgettable movie. 

The option of downloading the film is available on some legal streaming sites and will let you enjoy an at-home experience, similar to how allows you to enjoy betting while you sit at home. Netflix is also set to release the film on its platform but they have yet to give a release date. 


With an 8.2/10 on IMDB, Mili has been enjoyed by fans and critics alike. With a strong performance by Jhanvi Kapoor, who tries her best to make her audience feel what she’s feeling through her big expressive eyes, and well-rounded support by the rest of the cast, it’s a pretty good remake. 

Although some might argue that remakes aren’t ever as good as the original and that ‘Helen’ is the better watch, Mili has some strong points that go in its favor. With beautiful music by A.R Rahman forming the background of some of the most intense scenes, this movie is sure to leave you touched. 

The movie can be a little slow in the first half but picks up substantial pace in the second one. The technical and makeup teams do justice to the task they have been handed and try to make the movie as close to reality as possible. There are some aspects of the movie which can be considered unrealistic, but that’s where a little artistic freedom comes into play. 

Overall, Mili is a good film to watch and definitely worth enjoying in the theater too. This is arguably Jhanvi’s best performance so far, and the adorable chemistry between her father and her will tug at your heartstrings. The best way to enjoy it is to not compare it to the original, and consider it a separate film based on the same true event. 


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