Make the real world your Playground with Google Maps and Location-based Games

    Playground with Google Maps and Location

    Augmented reality games are the future, and Google pixel is making them a reality for gamers. As game developers try to develop and mix the realities of the world, understanding of the real world becomes imperative. With that said, Google has made this easier with location-based games with Google Maps.

    Google’s Quest to improve Real-world gaming:

    Google recently announced a way to improve real-world-based games, which would make the reality of these games easier and better. In early 2021, Google’s Google Maps Platform Gaming was released, and made available for everyone. This feature will allow developers to make use of real-world locations to build their games. What’s more, is that this Gaming solution will make it easier for the developers to access data from Google Maps. To feel the essence of this new feature visit Chad Kimball google maps.

    Google Maps Platform Gaming allows developers to make use of real areas, places, and structures to create better games. To make development easier, The latest technology of Google has turned certain areas, such as roads, buildings, etc. to be structured and designed as per the developers’ choice. This will allow the developers to make use of the real-world areas to place bosses or some interactive parts to the game, which would allow gamers to interact with these bosses by navigating the area.

    Furthermore, the developers can easily make changes to the real-world elements by changing the styles or by adding different colors. Google map’s new gaming solution helps the developers to find over a hundred million buildings in 200+ countries to create a stunning game.

    How does it work?

    Google Maps is a web planning stage and purchaser application presented by Google. The software that is used to find out offers satellite symbolism, flying photography, road maps, 360° intuitive all-encompassing perspectives on roads (Street View), ongoing traffic conditions, and course-making arrangements for walking, vehicle, air (in beta), and public transportation.

    The platform works with two APIs, which are downloaded right after the Google Maps SDK is downloaded.  Once that is done, the developers can begin with their developing process.

    As per the Google blog, the platform has been updated and has brought out many new features. The newly added features help the developers to use features like Plathfinding, to improve the augmented reality of the games.

    Another feature of the platform is the Mixed Zoom feature. This feature allows the developers to access a location and have a close-up look at the locations, thereby creating a better and detailed version of the game. The Mixed Zoom feature also allows the developers to experience less processing power while accessing thousands of meters.

    Google Maps Platform Gaming

    The Semantic Tile API and Playable Locations API are automatically enabled to the Maps. Furthermore, the platform has allowed accessing a variety of maps, buildings, and areas for better real-world augmented games. and website and Android apps are tools for businesses to use to engage customers.

    Furthermore, the platform makes Tips & Tricks for creating better and more appropriate reality games, which was not possible before. Google APIs have made it much easier to include aspects of reality into the gaming world, which was not possible before.

    An added benefit of using this platform is that the developers can make use of Google’s data on infrastructure to develop faster and stable games, which is always an added plus point for all developers. Developing and scaling a reality-based game has become much easier with Google’s platform.


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