Sita Ramam Full Movie Download, Story, Review

Sita Ramam Full Movie Download

Malayalam star Dulquer Salman’s Tollywood debut movie Sita Ramam. Hanu Raghavapudi is the director of the movie. Vyjayanthi Movies is the producer of the movie. On the occasion of Shri Ram Navami. Mrunalini Thakur and Rashmika Mandanna are the female leads in the movie. Gautham Menon, Prakash Raj, and Sumanth are playing key roles. Vishal Chandrasekhar is composing the music for this movie. The movie released on 5th August 2022. Here get the details of Sita Ramam full movie download.

Sita Ramam Movie Trailer

The trailer shows Dulquer Salmaan as an army lieutenant posted in Kashmir. However, the audio in the clip describes him as a man, who is a loner. The video projects the actor as a fun-loving person. While giving a glimpse of a love tale between Dulquer and Mrunal, the teaser also portrays the actress as the actor’s wife. However, he asks her, who is Sita?

Movie Story

Set in the time frame of 1965 to 1985, the movie as the tagline says is the story of lieutenant Ram but as Lieutenant Ram his lover Sita Lakshmi has also an equal or more significant part. Sita Ramam is a testimony to the fact that a good story is the backbone of a classic film. If not inspired from any work, the story and portrayal of Sita Ramam from beginning to end is a novelty and the movie at any point doesn’t divert to unnecessary drama or subplots keeping intact its classical nature.

Sita Ramam Full Movie Download

Sita Ramam movie is now entertaining in theatres. Dulquer Salman, Rashmika, and Mrunal’s played this classic movie. Already some of the movie people and critics gave the best compliments for this movie. After a long time Hanu Raghavapudi Garu directed the best movie for us. This Fresh concept definitely entertains the audience. We suggest movie lovers please encourage this type of classic movie love story. Give your blessings to this team by watching Sita Ramam movie only in theatres.

Movie Review

Sita Ramam has kept or raised that mark. The love story in Sita Ramam is heartwarming, poignant and as usual human establishments in a way complicate this love story and it is further aggravated by the ill fate of a soldier. A Soldier and lover is not new to DQ but he has essayed the character of Ram with a fine appeal of innocence, grace, and charm. Mrunal Thakur as Sita Lakshmi is equally appealing and complements Dilquer Salmaan.

The innocence and purity of love that are missing in nowadays romance movies were brought back. You feel joyous, elated, and sad and at times you are blushing as well while watching it. Imagine that pure and sweet feeling of love that makes you feel your heart is full to overflowing with the effervescent emotions it evokes. The movie is about that love. It also shows that when you have your heart and soul filled with that love and those memories, your life still goes on as that is what your love wants for you.

The backbone of the film is obviously its story and direction. Hanu Raghavapudi rewrote the impact of 2 successive flops with this single film. The director was able to tell the story very convincingly and make it emotionally connected. Especially the Last 20 – 25 minutes were very, very good. The intro scene of Sita was one of the nice scenes from the movie. While after watching the movie, the director has managed to give a feeling that the two characters Ram and Sita stand in our minds. The cinematography and DOP looked great. The Kashmir scenes and sight of capturing were awesome. The way music and background music were placed and the situations, helped a lot to connect emotionally with the story. Especially the songs were very excellent and their visuals too were very good to watch.

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