Choosing Your Streaming Service

We’ve become spoiled for choice as the number of different options for services across many different sectors has become available – if you’re a gamer then you have thousands of options for different types of games to be played such as those found here at Max Casinos that provide players with a place to play without being concerned about factors such as Gamstop, if you’re into your music then you’ll have the many opportunities from the growing number of platforms for albums or podcasts, and if you’re into streaming media like movies and TV shows, it’s becoming a little complicated to choose which service to subscribe to.

Choosing Your Streaming Service
Choosing Your Streaming Service

Netflix – The biggest and most well known of the services is also the one that has fallen under the most criticism, content being cancelled early and others being gated behind the geographic location, you may have long exhausted a large amount of the options that interest you on the platform. With the recent news that there may be a price increase, even only a small one, it could turn you away – if you’re using a VPN, however, this probably tops the list of streaming services to remain subscribed too, as simply changing your location offers you so many more options.

Disney+ – If you’re looking for nostalgia, this is certainly the platform for you as Disney’s entire catalogue is available – from the older animated movies to the newer Marvel universe – there’s plenty to watch. Whilst the originals section is a little bare, it does have fantastic offerings like The Mandalorian, and a little cheaper than other streaming services to boot. The big benefit here is that Disney has already stated they will be focussing heavily on promoting this service, so fans can expect big changes and big offerings to come where others may be slowing down.

Prime Video – On a similar note to Netflix, Prime has slowed down somewhat in recent years and the catalogue may not update as fast as many would like. Pricing and utility is certainly a big plus here though as if you’re an active user of prime delivery then video serves as an added bonus – there have been some great originals released on the platform too – although if the delivery factor isn’t something you often utilise, it may be difficult to justify the cost.

Crunchyroll – This service is a little different from those above as it focuses only on anime content, but if you’re a fan of anime this is likely something you’re already subscribed to – with a huge catalogue, with some ongoing series having hundreds of episodes, you’ll likely never run out of things to watch here. If you’re looking for something new to try and broaden your horizons, or are just looking for an older show, definitely try this one out.

We’re hitting a period of time where many of us are starting to cancel our growing number of subscriptions and streamed media like this is certainly topping the list, it may be worth going through the services you currently use and building a similar pros and cons list to see where your money is best spent!

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