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Rudhran Full Movie Download

Raghava Lawrence is back with a mass action drama, Rudhran, which is dubbed in Telugu as Rudhrudu. Directed by debutant S Kathiresan and producer also. GV Prakash Kumar is composing the music for this movie. The cinematographer is RD Rajasekar ISC and editing done by Anthony. The Movie released on 14th April 2023. Here get the details about Rudhran full movie download.

Rudhran Movie Trailer

 Movie Story

Rudhra (Raghava Lawrence) leads a happy life with his parents, Devaraju (Nassar), and Indrani (Poornima Bhagyaraj). He falls in love with Ananya (Priya Bhavani Shankar), and they get married. However, Rudhra’s family faces financial problems, and he leaves for London to sort out the issues. During his absence, his mother passes away, and Ananya goes missing. Devastated, Rudhra returns home to find out what happened to them. How is Bhoomi (Sarathkumar) related to the story? What does Rudhra do next? The film has all the answers.

Rudhran Full Movie Download

After a long gap, Raghava Lawrence is back with a mass action drama that has all the aspects mass audiences crave. Lawrence looks good in the role of Rudhra, and his typical comedy timing, dance moves and viciousness during the action scenes are enjoyable to watch on the big screen.

Raghava Lawrence is back with a big-budget action drama that has all the elements that big-budget moviegoers want after a long absence. Lawrence makes a good-looking Rudhra, and it’s fun to watch him on the big screen when he acts viciously in the action scenes and with his trademark comedy timing and dance movements.

Movie Review

Rudhran story readied by Kathiresan is routine to the core. He tried to elevate Raghava Lawrence ‘s heroism among masses by including all commerical elements. In the process the story has taken a bearing. He showed the Vizag backdrop and for the entire first half, he spent only on elevating the heroism by incuding intense action sequences. Only after the first half, the real story narrated. The second half creates little interest with an interesting twist. Though the premise increases the curiosity levels with Kathiresan concentrating on mass commerical elements, everything lost. The climax is intense and action packed and the story ends in a predictable manner.

Raghava lawren’s one man show is this movie. While Sarath Kumar is strong as Bhumi, Lawrence Sanda is in most parts. Although appearing as an IT employee… Lawrence came out of that role and showed his own impact with much noise. The fight scenes are on another level. This movie shows how much influence Akhanda had on him. Lawrence’s tumult here and there makes it clear that he hasn’t come out of his coveted roles yet. The heroine Priya Bhavani Shankar’s role limited. She shined in a character that was methodical as it was. Nasser and Poornima Bhagyaraj as the parents have done an effective job of cultivating emotions. Sarath Kumar’s character is good. He had a strong influence on it. Technically the film is superior.

Particularly in the first half, Priya Bhavani Shankar makes a brief appearance on film. She performs admirably in her sequences with Raghava Lawrence, and they are enjoyable to see. The film’s second half, which is chock full of action and emotional passages that lift everyone’s spirits, is a major highlight. Also skillfully done is the buildup to the climax. In the climax, a good message delivered.

The second half is superior to the first, as was already stated. One is left wondering in the first half why Lawrence agreed to this idea and what the movie is really about. However, what happens in the movie’s second half makes it clear what the director wanted to express with it.

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